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Article By: well wishher Posted on: 21/08/2009
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As per Yaksha Prasna, Yudhishtira declares that not learning of the Vedas, but CHARACTER alone is important for a Brahmin. not lying, not eating non vegetarian foods, no tobacco and alcohol, starting to learn Vedas before sexual thoughts enter mind and more are the characters of Brahmin. (Chapter 18, verse 42 Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgita defines clearly the qualities or duties of a Brahmin as per the Gunas born of their own nature are: calmness, self-discipline, strictness, purity, forgiveness, honesty, knowledge, realization, belief in a hereafter the above points clearly states one who follows above points is called Brahmin, and he is eligible to do pooja in shiva and Vishnu temples.
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