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Article By: Dr Deevi Srinivasacharyulu, 24-141/9,Anandabagh west, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad,500047, AP. cell 9441251281 Posted on: 07/11/2009
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Vikhanasas  are belonging to Yajurvedic Brahmin prists India. As per the puranas like Padma purana, Skanda, Varaha etc they were the followers of the Vedanta or philosophical school attached to the Paramatmika Upanishad which is available only in vikhanasa Agama texts. The god allmighty lord Vishnu has ordered his son Brahma the elest of gods to creiat a sage of his Amsa or spiritual share to engage himself in the worship of Lord Vishnu himself as per Veda Hymans.  Vikhanasa it mean that who born due to the deep digging or thinking in to the meaning of vedas and upanishads. After being imparted with the knowledge of Vedas he was sent to the earth and desended at Naimisaranya on the banks of Ganges in UP state in India.

        Forming a group of desipuls who include Sages Brigu, Atri, Marichi, Kasyapa etc. The sage Vikhanasa has criated the Vikhanasa Bhagavadsastra for the use in temples and Srouta Sutra for the use in day to day life.  Latter This was followed by other followers like sages Goutama, Bharadwaja, Angirasa, Ayasya, Vasista and so on. As per Ananda samhita of marichi Vikhanasa was performed austerities in Totadri ( Mangalagiri) on the banks of Krishna river in south    India and then moved to Himalayas to meet and srve divine sages Nara and Narayana at Badarinath.

       The Philosaphical school which makes way for the worship in Saguna or in the idial form or Nirguna that is with out any physical form through fire or yagna. The Sagunarahana or worshiping in the form of vishnu or Narayana.  The Nirguna is Nirakara or with out any Shap. As per Vikhanasa The god is Vishnu that is avilable in every autom of the univers. As the fire is present in the wood but it comes out when it is exposed to the friction in the same way the god  Vishnu is avilable in the entir univers which we can see with neked eye and out of it too.  The Propagating Gurus(prichers) or Acharyas are narmally honoured  in Hindu socity as Ubahaya Vedanta Pravartanacharya due to their affiliation with both the Saguna and Nirguna type of worship.   


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